Danylle Hammet


Also known as: icebox

Years shredding: 11

Home town: keystone co

Home mountain: keystone co

Sponsors: monster energy, lethal descent, Oakley, Nine22

Can be seen in: vimeo


Favourite ski flick and segment: Adam delorme, refresh

Favourite movie(s): anything that makes me laugh

What are you listening to when you shred?: old school hip hop

If you could live off one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?: Chinese!

What is the best trip you have ever taken? A spring Tahoe trip with me girl Melissa!

Favourite thing to do when you aren’t riding: explore the wild or just chill.

Favourite trick to do: sw tail 3

Favourite trick to watch: sw rodeo 7

Favourite place to shred: keystone!!

What/who inspires you?: my skiing is influenced by hip hop, snowboarding, and skateboarding


Arnie vs. Stallone: stallone

McDonalds vs Burger King: McDonalds

Food vs Beverage: tea

Beer Pong vs Kings Cup: shotgun!


What are your plans for the future?: film as much as possible

What do you like most about Nine22?: unique styled clothes with a perfect fit!

Shoutouts!!!!: huge thanks to my sponsors and family for always supporting me.

Anything more you would like to say? Stay true to what you love!